Your House, My House

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這是一本從 3歲幼兒園到小學一年級都能夠繼續閱讀的繪本 - Green Tots Club

3 Maple Street的公寓裏面有一位小壽星- 兔寶寶。今天是他的生日,家人朋友忙進忙出準備他的生日派對。這是這本繪本的故事主軸,但是千萬別小看這將近30公分寬、38公分高的繪本...在獲獎無數的加拿大作家Marianne Dubuc插畫中,這個公寓每一間房間正發生著不同的事呢! 而且有聽過經典童話的小朋友們或許還會發現小紅帽、金髮Goldilock和鞋匠穿插在3 Maple Street公寓的某個角落,他們又在做甚麼呢? 

There's no neighborhood like a Marianne Dubuc neighborhood --- this time in an apartment building!

It's a special day at 3 Maple Street. It's Little Rabbit's birthday! His mother makes him his favorite breakfast. His sister has drawn him a picture. And, best of all, he's having a birthday party! His friends are invited, his father is decorating, and his mother is baking a cake. But that's not the only thing going on at 3 Maple Street today. The Cat family is moving in upstairs ... the Fox family is having a new baby ... Mr. Owl is trying to sleep ... there's so much happening inside (and outside) this lively building, it's hard to keep track!

This multilayered picture book from international award-winning Marianne Dubuc allows readers to peer into the homes of all the charming animal families in the building on every spread. Though there is one main story, captured in the text, there are multitudes of other stories-within-the-story, told in visual narratives. Dubuc's winsome one-of-a-kind illustrations include heaps of clever details for children to pore over, promising something new to discover with every look and encouraging visual literacy in readers and prereaders. There are terrific social studies connections here on the concepts of community, inclusiveness and belonging.



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