Be My Neighbor? by Suzy Ultman

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本書由美國設計師 Suzy Ultman 設計,Suzy Ultman 喜歡觀察世界,童趣的插畫加上兒時的想像力吸引無數的小孩喜歡翻閱她的作品。


Welcome to the neighborhood! The new cats on the block are ready to bake cookies, but they're a few items short! Help them gather ingredients by going house to house, and meet a medley of critter families. Explore each neighbor's unique home while searching inside lift-the-flap cupboards, drawers, and more to find the needed ingredients. The best housewarming treat of all? A neighborhood full of new friends!

Lift the flaps and search the scene! This immersive dollhouse-shaped book is filled with detailed seek-and-find scenes, an abundance of lift-the-flaps, and educational first words to engage and delight young readers.

WELCOMING MESSAGE ABOUT COMMUNITY: The new family on the block goes door-to-door getting to know their neighbors, borrowing cookie ingredients, and eventually delivering cookies. At a time when neighborhood communities are more essential than ever, this is a much-needed story about community, generosity, how to give and how to receive, how to come together, and how to welcome someone new.

SEEK-AND-FIND meets LIFT-THE-FLAP: More than 60 flaps to lift and explore! Each spread features a new neighbor's home—get to know each family's interests, hobbies, collections, and favorite colors in these immersive and detailed scenes. Then, lift the flaps on each spread to find the next ingredient needed to bake cookies!


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